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Staples has got 1575 locations in USA and totally 2281 stores in whole world with the retail range of theirs consisting of great number of products. Duty of all stores dictates them to be best place to present their products in reliable and reasonable price and quality extend.

You can find all locations with Staples Store Locator

With such big network and operation across the whole world we must have a type of system to know about the Staples Store Locator . We now try to improve the information system of ours to serve you at the best way to help you get the best advertisement and presentation of stores of Staples. All of these Staples Locations are given with their information of phone, address, fax numbers, phone numbers, address, map, and service available in the location. Leaving a comment or rating a store will be possible in our site. You are welcome in this page to see entire list of states where Staples Stores are currently operated and hours of this operation is available for visitors. When you click on one of them you’ll come across with the page of the state and there will be new list of the districts. You can search any location on that page as well butit will be harder to do it, instead you should check out the search box.


  1. Do you all carry the all in one HP computers??? Please e-mail me and let me know.


  2. Hi,I bought an iPod October 17,2014. Right now I am traveling and I need a copy of the receipt. Would you be able to pull up my staples account and pull up the receipt and e-mail it to me?

  3. i would like to know if you have any positions available at your store location or in the area of Flagstaff. i work for Staples in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan as the Services Supervisor since May 2008 and looking to relocate.
    Please Advise.

  4. I was in yesterday. I typically receive awesome customer service at this store so was surprised with this team member. I actually think she was a team supervisor. I get to the register. No greeting at all. I ask if I can use a coupon, she looks at it, doesn’t answer me but yells to the next cashier asking her when she’s taking her break because she needs to soon so that my cashier can take her lunch. She rings me up, used the coupon, again without a work about it. I thank HER, and paid, and that was the end of transaction. NO customer service whatsoever.

  5. I came to this section to find hours for Boston Road, Springfield MA store and it is not listed. FYI.

  6. Do you have the Toshiba White or Dell Silver w/i5 processor? This is for the Winter Haven store!

  7. Good morning,
    I’m going to Georgia in a few weeks and need a camera and wondering if I buy there will the warranties I buy (accidental etc) be honored in Canada? I have a gift card from my last camera from your store can I even use that in the US?

    Have a lovely day,

  8. is staples near new Orleans- I want to buy a laptop-can you ship to a store
    near new orleans

  9. I find the afternoon cashier the best, she always so nice to me and she gives me the best attitude she doesn’t know where the stuff are located at in the store but she takes her time in trying to help and I find that very good

  10. I hate going in the morning the register girl looks so nasty doesn’t even present herself right she walks around with her pants all saggy

  11. I wish to find the nearest store to my home in England. NOT in the U.S.

  12. I am unable to find this location with the store locator. It’s like it doesn’t exist on the map. I need to buy online and pick up tomorrow.

  13. I live in Slidell, Louisiana and need to locate the nearest store preferably in Metairie or dlidell. I see the commercials but no store here. Please help . Thanks

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